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Luxury Goa Travel to Panaji

Panaji Located on the left bank of the Mandovi river the picturesque Goan capital, Panaji offers enticing travel options to the prospective traveler. Panaji travel with Luxury Goa Travel can make you feel as though you are gliding through a chapter in history that has very carefully and artistically been juxtaposed with contemporary development.

Panaji came from the word Panjim that literally means that 'a land that never gets flooded'. The history of this land with its mystical aura can very well be traced back to the ancient times. Originally Panjim was a large coconut grove heavily peppered with deep blue lagoons, sandy stretches, quite creeks and backwaters. The tradition of building in this part of Goa, West India began in the 1100's when ruler Adil Shah constructed his castle on the left bank of the Mandovi river.

While on your luxury Goa travel you will notice the dignity and character of the perfectly planned grid pattern of the city that is centered around the Largo de lgreja, the focal point of Panaji, Goa, West India. The Latin style Goan cottages with their roofs painted in hues of red with well laid lawns complement the well kept avenues and streets of Panaji, Goa, West India.

Enjoy traditional Goan cuisine and exotic Goa seafood during your luxury Goa travel and participate in the joyful Goan carnivals and dance parties that offer you a perfect glimpse of the deep influence of the Portuguese culture of the happy humanity that inhabits Panaji, Goa, West India.

Luxury travel to Panaji with Luxury Goa Travel is incomplete without trips to the Jama Masjid, Sebastian Chapel, Mahalaxmi Temple and the Braganza Library.

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