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Luxury Goa Travel to Mapusa

Mapusa Luxury Goa Travel offers to take you on a peaceful and relaxing travel trip to Mapusa, Goa, West India that is located at a distance of 13 kilometers from Panaji, Goa, West India.

The very mention of Mapusa in Goa, West India conjures up images of a bustling Friday market. The popularity of the Mapusa Friday market emerged out of the age-old tradition of fairs and festivals to honor the local Gods as a result of which people from all over Goa, West India come and visit this busy market that is held every week.

Luxury travel to Mapusa, Goa, West India with Luxury Goa Travel cannot be complete without a trip to the weekly Friday market that offers a potpourri of dried food items, plants, seeds and saplings, spicy Goan pork sausages, prawns and other food items. Besides eatables you can shop for chunky trinkets and costume jewelry, traditional Goa style clothing and most importantly you can buy as much country liquor as you wish to. The Goa feni and wine apart from other alcoholic beverages are readily available at the roadside stalls.

Mapusa, Goa, West India is a great place to go on a luxury holiday travel as it serves as a perfect base for interested beachcombers.

During your luxury travel to Mapusa, Goa, West India you may go on tours to the places of tourist interest such as the Kansarpal-Kalbadevi temple, Terekhol Fort, Church of Our Lady of Miracles, St Jerome's Church and the Lord Bodgeshwar Shrine.

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Luxury Goa Travel

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