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Luxury Goa Water Sports Travel

Luxury Goa Water Sports Travel Luxury Goa Travel can be a unique experience for adventure freaks. Goa, West India is a heaven for those who love water sports, thrill, excitement and water games. Almost every beach in Goa, West India offers countless water sport options that range from scuba diving, parasailing, windsurfing, dingy sailing and fishing. Besides these adventure water sports you can enjoy swimming and beach games such as beach ball, sand castle building, net ball and a lot more

Luxury Goa Travel offers you a wide choice of luxury travel packages that offer you tours to the Goa beaches and beach resorts that devise countless ways to amuse you during your luxury Goa water sports travel.

Windsurfing is very common and popular in Goa, West India. Generally the windsurfing trainers recommend the Dona Paula bay as the best place for enthusiastic beginners. The lake-like conditions here are ideal for windsurfing. The constantly blowing steady light breeze is just perfect for learners. The annual Windsurfing regatta and the Open Board Sailing Competition are events that most water sports enthusiasts look forward to. Windsurfing is basically a combination of sailing and surfing; the surfer faces the challenge of being able to balance himself with the changing wind and water patterns.

Scuba Diving is a completely adventure filled sport. You get into one of these scuba diving crafts that can speed up to 30 to 40 miles an hour, an exhilarating experience that thrills your senses and gives you a real sense of danger, fun and lots of excitement.

Dingy Sailing is very popular with water sports enthusiasts who visit Goa, West India, though that intense thrill is not there, as the speed factor is not involved. It's a great way for those who prefer quite fishing and slow boating while you lazily sail past other boats and watch the myriad activities going on the Goa beaches. The Goans prefer to call it "beer and sandwich" sailing. An ideal way to relax and admire the Goa marine life is to go dinghy sailing on the Arabian Sea with waves gently lapping against your dinghy and the soft caress of the cool sea breeze on your skin.

Allow us at Luxury Goa Travel to offer you unique water sports travel packages that will definitely cater to your adventure luxury holiday needs to Goa, West India. For more on online luxury travel booking for luxury water sports travel to Goa, West India with Luxury Goa Travel please fill up the query form provided below.

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