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Luxury Goa Carnival Travel

Luxury Goa Carnival Travel The carnivals and festivals of Goa, West India are so integral to the character and existence of the popular Goan culture that the idea of Goa luxury holiday without a peek into the fun and frolic that accompanies these festive occasions is inconceivable.

Luxury Goa Travel offers you a number of luxury travel packages that include carnival holidays to Goa, West India during some of the important festivals that are celebrated with a lot of gaiety and pomp.

The Goa Carnival is a special 3-day festive occasion that is celebrated to mark the beginning of the 40 day-Lent period that is observed by Christians before the Easter celebrations. Though the Goa Carnival is a purely Christian event, locals who belong to other faiths also participate in the fun and excitement with equal enthusiasm.

During the 3-days of the luxury Goa carnival in the month of February, each and every street, nook and cranny in Goa, West India is enlivened with spirited dance performances, cultural performances, colorful processions accompanied by theme tableaus, unlimited fun and unrestrained merrymaking.

The historical roots of this festive annual Goan carnival can be traced back to the feasts and celebrations that were held in ancient Greece and Rome. The tradition of celebrating the Goa carnival began with the coming of the Portuguese to this part of West India.

Luxury Goa Travel offers you tailor-made luxury travel packages that take you to Goa, West India during the Goa carnival celebrations. This trip promises to give you a luxury holiday where you can let loose without inhibitions and enjoy with the locals in an atmosphere of happy abandon.

Additional details on online travel booking and luxury travel packages to the Goa Carnival with Luxury Goa Travel may be gathered by filling up the query form provided on this web page.

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