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Luxury Goa Travel to Palolem Beach


Palolem BeachA grand way to experience the captivating Goa spirit is to spend your vacations on the Palolem beach in Goa, West India with Luxury Goa Travel. The quietude and calmness that pervades the Palolem atmosphere creates an ideal resting place that perfectly complements the rich and outstanding beauty of this picturesque beach.

Though very crowded on weekends, the virginal beauty of the Palolem beach that faces a deep blue bay set in the midst of two densely wooded islands on the northern foreland is incomparable. If you can manage to persuade a local fisherman to ferry you towards these dense woods or go dolphin gazing you will surely cherish your trip to the Palolem beach in Goa, West India with Luxury Goa Travel. Laze on the pure sands and read a book, gaze at the never-ending panorama or shop for food and souvenirs at the numerous beachside stalls.

While on your luxury Goa travel to the Palolem beach you can stay at the tiny village huts maintained and owned by the local fishermen who take extra care of your needs and lavish you with affection that adds an extra dash of spice to your beach holiday at the Palolem beach in Goa, West India.

The best way to travel in Palolem, Goa, West India is to walk or ride a bicycle. The lifestyle is so quite and lazy that the sea appears to be relaxing and touching the sandy shores with complete reluctance. A great place to relax and rejuvenate, the Palolem beach is attracting more tourists by the day.

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