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Luxury Goa Travel to Majorda Beach


Majorda BeachLuxury Goa Travel warmly welcomes you to come and partake of the natural pleasures of the Majorda beach that is located to the south of the Bogmalo beach. This lovely beach is believed to be the doorway to the other beaches located in Southern Goa, West India. Luxury Goa Travel offers excellently customized luxury travel packages that take you on holidays to the Majorda beach located in Goa, West India.

This picturesque fishing village on the shores of the Arabian Sea in Goa, West India is famous for toddy and excellent European breads. The Majorda beach, Goa, West India is also associated with a mythological legend that Lord Rama was brought on this beach after he was kidnapped.

Come and stay at the Majorda Beach Resort that ornaments the Majorda beach and fishing village and offers deluxe facilities for you so that you may enjoy your Goa tryst in an ocean of comfort. The popular discotheque and casino at the Majorda Beach Resort, Goa, West India is a great favorite with tourists.

Majorda in Goa, West India is a typical Goa fishing village, you can see the fishermen at work during your leisure walks and feast your eyes on the acres of powdery sands with boats, fishing crafts and dinghies moored at the jetty, watch the fishermen cast their fishing lines and savor the local delights available at the beach shacks and enjoy fruit drinks and local toddy while you let the sun lavish you with its warm embrace.

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