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Coconut Grove Resort



Coconut Grove Resort Luxury Goa Travel, is home to travel tour details about the resort and on line reservations to the Coconut grove resort situated in Goa, West India. Luxury Goa Travel, reflects that the resort is styled after independent villas with every set and suites constructed on the pattern of small bungalows with the exact location being on the betalbatim beach, located in Goa, West India. Goa, too is a traveler's delight with the pristine sea surf and the sun kissed beaches providing the right backdrop for an interlude of fun and revelry.

Location: located on the betalbatim beach, Goa
Number of Rooms: 36 deluxe rooms and 2 cottages
Amenities: Coconut Grove has to its credit the A-La-Carte restaurant, theme nights, live bands along with television and a mini bar in the rooms.


Coconut grove resort is home to 36 double deluxe rooms and 2 cottages which are very opulently and tastefully decorated and done up. The rooms in the Coconut Grove, located in Goa, West India, are provided with television facilities and a mini bar, too.

Dining and Leisure

Coconut grove is home to both the native Goan and continental cuisine in a restaurant called as, "Primavera" a 24 hour open and air conditioned restaurant which includes within its compound a beautiful terrace right over the poolside.

Recreation wise the resort is well located with a walk of solitude down the nearby beach and a golden opportunity of being entertained by a live band and regaling theme nights.

Corporate Facilities

The Coconut grove resort is well provided with conference facilities with a large and spacious conference hall.

Luxury Goa Travel, offers travel tour booking and tour packages to the Coconut grove resort, located in Goa, West India.

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